Bangkok Nightlife vs London Nightlife

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If you are a party lover and you are looking for a new and exciting holiday, then you should definitely choose London or Bangkok. In any of these metropolitan cities, we are sure that you will have a great time and some unforgettable memories. We will talk in the following about what each of these places has to offer in terms of nightlife so that you know exactly what to expect once you get there.


Bangkok is one of the most stunning cities in the world, where tourists come from every corner of this planet, all year round. It is true that the place has lots to offer in terms of attractions, but not all the people know that the nightlife here is also extremely attractive. If you want something truly memorable in terms of fun, then you should add this city to your holiday destination list. The nightlife here is varied and vibrant, and you will find something new and exciting to do every night. You can either choose to have a delicious dinner and enjoy a nice cocktail on one of the many roof bars, or you could dance until dawns in one of the plenty nightclubs with different types of music. If you are looking to try something different, then this city is the perfect place for doing that. You can choose to go to a Ladyboy Show, an experience that will definitely leave you dazzled by the amazing performances of Thai transgenders. Another spectacular thing you can do is to go for a dinner cruise on Chao Praya River and enjoy to the fullest the lovely views. On the other hand, if you are a shopping lover, then the good news is that you can actually try an after-dark shopping experience on the Khao San Road. As you can see, the nightlife in Bangkok is very attractive and vibrant, and anyone who travels to this city will absolutely fall in love with it.



London is not too different than Bangkok when it comes to nightlife. There are some similarities from this point of view. For example, this metropolis also has plenty of nightclubs where you can listen to different types of music and even live performances, and a wide range of restaurants where you can try European cuisine and not only. In terms of food, probably the only difference is that the food in Bangkok is far more delicious than it is in London, as Thai cuisine is absolutely spectacular. Furthermore, in London you will not have the chance to see any transgenders shows, although there will be other amazing performances that you can attend. Everything here is also vibrant and exciting, and you will find every night something new and interesting to do. If you are not a party lover, then you can always choose to go to a cinema, to the theatre, opera, or watch a wonderful musical. Keep in mind that London is also the right place for concert lovers, and famous singers and bands hold concerts all year round. Just check the city’s official website before you book your flight tickets so that you can see all the scheduled events. Don’t forget that London is also the perfect location for hiring an escort : , in case you are a single man. A London escort will certainly be the perfect company and not only.

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